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  • FAQs

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    What can I expect in a coach?

    A coach is someone who works along side you to help you reach a specific goal. Like a coach in sports, a career coach may have insights, observations, or resources you were not aware of on your own. And once you set out to achieve your goal, your coach will be there to help ensure you reach that goal. 

    How long does the coaching relationship last?

    As long as needed to meet your goals. Most clients work with a coach for a short period of time to meet certain, specific goals. For example, in career coaching, a client may work with the coach until the client finds a new job or determines the definite direction they want to move in. On the other hand, some clients seek an on-going coaching relationship to help them meet new challenges they face as they take their lives to the next level. 

    How will I know I am finished with coaching?

    Your coaching relationship is a collaborative one and you and your coach will either agree to work together for a certain time period or you will agree to end the relationship when your goals have been met.