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  • If you’ve been struggling in your career because you know you have more to give, I’ve got great news for you. It’s not too late to reconnect with what you most enjoy doing and find work that uses your unique gifts and talent to make others’ lives better.

    Do you feel limited or trapped in your current job? Does your work drain you and leave you with little energy for your family and your hobbies? Despite this do you hang on because you don’t know what else you can do? With right approach, you don’t have to. You CAN have a career you love that leaves you overflowing with energy.

    Dr. Vance has helped clients from all walks of life find the work they love and are most suited to do.

    In his signature Make the Leap career coaching program, you will get exclusive access to Dr. Vance’s three-part, proven method for helping you find your best career and your true calling.

    When you invest in your future with Breakforth’s Career Coaching program you will:

    1) Discover your unique talents, abilities, and work preferences that help you identify the type of work that will keep you motivated, help you serve others to your maximum potential, and take your income to the next level.

    2) Determine what is the right move for you at your age and stage in life.

    3) Network with successful people who are aready doing what you would like to do and can give you invaluable input on how to make a successful move into the career you envision.

    During this process, Dr. Vance will also coach you through the key MINDSET principles that help you identify and overcome your limiting beliefs, identify your deepest motivations, and hold on to the empowering emotions that will take you to the next level.

    You will also learn the secrets of developing a 21st Century MONEY mindset that will help you actively manage your income, so that you exponentially multiple your wealth through reducing debt and expenses and multiplying streams of income and profit.

    So don’t wait another day to do what you were meant to do! Contact us today to get started.

    Career Coaching

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